We support you in your life projects. For us, your project is unique. It suits you and inspires from its context to integrate.


Our approach is holistic and we aim to create places that belong and are loved by our clients, by us and by our planet. To ensure this, we enjoy working closely with you to establish a strong relationship based on mutual trust and clear communication. 

To this end, we are looking to guide you from the project origins to its accomplishment.

The environment impact count for us, as you do. This is why we make the choice to build with wood and bio-sourced materials, to provide you a healthy living place which contributes to create a more virtuous environment.


« The details are not the details, They make the project. »

C. & R. Eames. 

The architect holds your project quality by thinking every details.


For us, design building draws on biomimetics technologies that are good for the environment.We create buildings that breathe, live, evolve and recycle.


It can only happen with technical control of design. To this end, we rely on our experience and on a collaborative work with men of art and engineers.


This house takes places between lake and ocean in Hossegor. Turned toward the sunset, the terrace borders the pool and turns its back to the street and to an ugly building.

Only the partial second floor stands out of the vegetation from the public space.

The cladding comes in response to the grove of cork oaks, and gunmetal window frames design openings.

Inside, hard oak and white wood offer luminous and peaceful spaces.

Framed views allow to embrace situation between dunes and forest.



This villa nestled on the Canon’s Dune overlooks the « ile aux Oiseaux » and integrates with airiness in the panorama.

Special care composition and facades’s wrapping were made with quality materials that offer the whole durability and lightness.

Eaves zinc, coated lime and bricks are used in reference to the traditional villas of Bassin d’Arcachon in a contemporary transcription.

Inside, the focus is on the sobriety to sublimate the view at each level. The simplicity of the volumes allows the modularity of the uses.


The family takes the opportunity of an additional land strip to complete the holiday house, initially created six years earlier.

In East, terrace become more generous for family breakfast protected by additional houses.

All modules play with the grades and the curves of the land to provide rhythm to circulations that link each space.


In continuity of architect Raphaelle Hondelatte’s work, we achieved the project to provide at this writer and his family an ideal living space for everyone to relax. Each shack make part of a coherent village.

S - Living box : Children kingdom provides them a functional space open to the outside.

XS - Rhythm box : His adolescence garage turns into a music listening space where vinyls rhythm space and sound.

L - Over size box : the emptiness brought to life functional cocoons.


«Girolle»’s owners in Cap Ferret,our clients want a larger living area. We built the project on its initial concept strengths, namely a large south glass facade and a low construction volume that offers a good integration underneath the trees.


The existing building is turned into generous living room open to the southern terrace. In north, an extension for the bedrooms is designed. This has resulted in the creation of an outdoor patio protected from the ocean winds.

The house is on the top of the land overlooking the street, flat roofs are the best option to succeed the project’s integration from public space.

Wide roof overhangs lead to design it lightly. Vertical cladding reminds pine trees. Openings are strategically positioned to provide frames on nature and sky. I

nside, refined design highlights the volume and views created.


Filled with the desire to create a revisited barn, we conceive a small house but with beautiful volumes.

A generous, luminous and functional space is created. We offer our clients an evolutive project, each additional function completed it in a coherent global perspective.



This project finds inspiration in its context : the oyster village of Le Canon, in both materiality and shape.

The house as a village consists in three volumes. Glass links offer garden views and provide the project living subspaces that allow the family to live in harmony. 

Outside spaces stand at the heart of the project, face the East, the sunrise and the bay.

The southern volume offers protection from the street as much as its low height let the sun floods those spaces.

The northern volume, higher, protects from prevailing winds.

Mineral terraces meddle with dune plants and border the pool as an oyster bank.


« Architecture is not architecture without human being. » Jérémie Souteyrate 


Architecture is our commitment, it provide us a way to make contributions to the community. Like the little hummingbird buzzed around, fetching a few drops of water in his beak to throw on the fire as the others run away. 

Architecture is our life, we work closely together as a couple to deliver you a privileged and human support to make your project a success.

Dorothée works as an architect and an interior designer since eleven years on her own. She is very keen to provide you a coherent and creative universe.

Julien serves the architectural project since six years, enhances Dorothée’s daily practice with its multidisciplinary path. A carpenter by training, he also worked as a sales engineers for men of art.

Both coming from wood workers families and driven by our complementary and complete professional experiences we commit with best possible conditions in your project achievement.





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